• Filtration: Gentle and controlled
  • Measurements: Flow, temperature, pressure
  • Certifications: IFS and BRC
  • Traceability: Computer recording
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The challenge was to offer a versatile product, capable of managing filtration and dosing, controlling clogging, controlling flow rates, temperatures and pressures, and transmitting both instantaneous parameters and a production history on the computer network.

The machine has been designed to facilitate maintenance (sensors on clamp) and to reduce manual operations to a minimum and to have a high degree of traceability (production report, washing, history of wine flow by sump, water flow.)

The method used by this device is the frontal filtration. The filtration of wine can be carried out in big flow with this process.



  • A soft and controlled filtration.
  • A control of the flows, temperatures and pressures.
  • A control of the clogging.
  • A linear proportional dosing (peristaltic pump) of the gum arabic controlled by a flow meter validated by IFS BRC.
  • Optimized regeneration flow rates.
  • Validation and traceability of sterilization cycles.
  • 3A and EHEDG sensors on clamp mounting (quick to dismantle for control and calibration)
  • Communication on the network: production report, washing, history of wine flow by sump, water flow. Display of instantaneous flow rates.

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