Audits and technical consultancy

With our 90 years of experience and expertise in the business, we will listen to your experts as they explain your needs, and then apply our technical, field-based vision to your processes in order to bring you the best possible solutions to your problems.

Equipment for hire

There are many criteria to consider when buying an industrial filter, and some doubts might arise: hesitation over which filtration technology to choose, uncertainty about the micron rating (unknown particle size or density), location in the process not defined, etc.

To resolve all these questions and ensure a totally functional filtration solution, we offer an industrial filter rental service, to test filters in your process. You will then see the filtration efficiency for yourself.

Our test/analysis bench

With our integrated test bench, we can analyse even your most specific needs. We can reproduce your operating conditions and test our range of filters in situ, to offer you the most suitable filtration solution for your process. We also offer a laboratory analysis phase to characterise your fluids.

Commissioning, on-site maintenance

At your request, our technical departments can monitor the equipment delivered and support you during the start-up and commissioning of the filter in your system. We can also carry out routine servicing under maintenance contracts..

Storage of consumables and spare parts

We offer an extensive catalogue of spare parts for sale, no matter how old your filter is: seal kits, fasteners, mechanical parts, etc. Our 2000 m² storage facility ensures availability and responsiveness in the supply of our consumables, to guarantee the continuity of your operations.

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