Technofiltres was created to give our partners access to the whole Pemflow range, thanks to the involvement of our field experts. Technolfiltres is a real one-stop shop providing the perfect link between our workshops, our R&D unit, and your processes.

Our storage capacity

In order to be responsive to your requirements and ensure the continuity of your operations, we have over 2000 m² of storage space distributed over several locations.

An offering to suit your sector

With our sector-specific experts, Technofiltres adapts to your business thanks to our knowledge of the regulatory environment, details of the manufacturing process, and our tailor-made technologies. That’s why we are currently working with big customers from the agri-food, biotechnology, nuclear, and many other sectors.

Customer satisfaction

In addition to making our engineering and manufacturing capabilities available, partner satisfaction remains our priority, in particular with:

  • Our fast response to your problem
  • The advice of our experts in the field

After-sales service that ensures the continuity of your processes