Founded in 1930, SCAM (Société de Condensation et d’Application Mécanique) soon took its place as a leader in the field of self-cleaning filters. Since then, we have filed many patents, going from strength to strength thanks to our innovation and expertise in a range of sectors.

Our workshop

The Scam Filtres workshop is located in Wambrechies, near Lille, France. That is where we develop all of our latest self-cleaning filtration technologies.


With our design office, Scam Filtres has the capability to offer you a complete solution, from the equipment sizing phase to suit your process, to design before manufacture. This enables us to guarantee you the high performance of equipment specially designed to meet your needs. We can also guarantee the compliance of our designs with ASME, EN13445, pharmaceutical or agri-food best practice, etc.

Customer satisfaction

In addition to making our engineering and manufacturing capabilities available, partner satisfaction remains our priority, in particular with:

  • Our fast response to your problem
  • The advice of our experts in the field

After-sales service that ensures the continuity of your processes