Process waters

Water is essential for the operation of any factory, and is a crucial element of your process. Our filtration systems protect your equipment and increase the reliability and working life of your exchangers, cooling towers, pumps, etc. To reduce your annual filtration costs and maintenance times, we have developed technologies with unrivalled retention capacity.

Sea water / Desalination

The treatment of sea water is a real challenge for filtration systems. Our self-cleaning systems and our static technologies are capable of treating flow rates of several thousand m3/h using materials appropriate for this sector, such as duplex/superduplex/FRP, etc. Controlling the pre-filtration of your reverse osmosis membranes is a factor in the success of your treatment process, and optimises your filtration costs.

Municipal water treatment

By working closely with the major ordering parties and integrators in the sector, we have built solid STEP and water potabilisation unit experience. Our custom designs allow us to work on systems of all sizes, whether for urban communities or for unit supplying major cities. Our filters are all certified via the standards in force in the sector, and are ACS-accredited.