Thanks to our years of innovation and international experience in the oil & gas sector, our range is now used very widely on offshore or onshore platforms. Our expertise in the filtration of drill water or your condensates ensures the performance of your wells as well as the reliability and continuity of your operations. Our self-cleaning filters will also ensure a drastic reduction in your operating costs.


Transporting petroleum or gas is a real challenge these days. A perfectly chosen filtration system will ensure the reliability of all the equipment installed on the line, and therefore also the optimisation of your maintenance costs and times. Our Bag, Basket, Cartridge, or Self-cleaning technologies can be designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME, PED, API, etc.


We have equipped the world’s biggest refineries with our Cartridge, Bag, Basket, and Self-cleaning systems. We can equally well be involved with the filtration of sea water or the process itself. In fact, we have applied our very latest filtration and coalescence technologies to the optimisation of your steam crackers, amine loops, catalysers, etc., or even your end product. The total control of contamination can considerably optimise your operating costs.