With the aim of strict compliance with the standards in force, our complete range will handle your needs from arrival in your factory until the bottling of your product. Our membranes and filters have all the latest available technologies and provide unrivalled retention technologies as well as withstanding the optimised regeneration and sterilisation cycles. Our range for the Drinks sector complies with EN 1935/2004, FDA, and ACS standards.


From pre-filtration to the sterile filtration of your beer, your concerns about flavour and optimising your process are at the heart of our priorities. With our range of Bag Filters, Lenticular Filters, and Membrane Filters, we bring you a complete EN1935/2004 or FDA-certified range.

Dairy Products / Foodstuffs

Bearing in mind that this is one of the most strictly regulated sectors, we have succeeded in convincing many partners in the dairy, cheese, chocolate, and similar sectors by developing our Vapour filters, Sterile filters, and Water filters around the regulatory context. That is why our Cartridges, Baskets, Bags, or Self-cleaning filters now equip the factories that provide our nourishment.

Sugar refining

Used directly on the syrup or on the utilities, our bag, basket, cartridge, or self-cleaning filtration range can treat high-viscosity fluids whilst maintaining an optimum level of purification. Our products are all EN1935/2004 and FDA-certified to guarantee the compliance of your installations.