Automotive / Aeronautics

Quality and competitiveness are the watchwords in these sectors. Our Bag / Basket and Cartridge filtration ranges have become a favourite on the surface treatment / cataphoresis lines of our partners, and also on their hydraulic and lubrication lines. Our classification filters also provide optimised filtration of paints without retaining the fillers and pigments. Our range of self-cleaning filters also includes technologies that greatly reduce maintenance requirements and the overall cost of filtration.

General Machinery

As a custom designer and manufacturer, we have always been able to adapt to the many constraints that each factory presents, whilst maintaining our responsiveness and customer support. From a simple lubrication line to complete treatment of factory water, our self-cleaning or static solutions can be offered to you as standard or tailor-made.


By operating on every scale, from the fuel prefilter on a motor to the complete filtration system for a merchant vessel, our range of self-cleaning filters has proven its worth on this market for many years.

Heavy Industry

Our technologies are also used in many other industries, such as steelworks, cement works, paper mills, and many other sectors. Our constant priority is to apply our culture as designer / manufacturer to the benefit of your facilities, whilst optimising safety, maintenance, and your budget.